Family & friends

His Friends

The essential family and friends man. His family maybe his priority. But he cares for his friends deeply, too. Only, he cares in a different way. Ask Chunky Pandey, a close friend of the Khan family and he says, "Despite being" a brand name today. Shah Rukh has remained a regular guy Yes, friends are important to him. Shah Rukh has bailed me out eight or nine times, when I have needed help. I do believe that as a friend, you can rely on him a 100 per cent."

His Sister

His sister is perhaps the only woman who has shared with Shah Rukh, the agony and pain of losing the most important people in their lives - their parents. Shehnaaz is something of an unknown quantity for the media. The one area in his life, Shah Rukh has always maintained a silence on.

His Wife

The world knows of Gauri Khan as the wife of Shah Rukh Khan. The woman about whom Shah Rukh says, "Gauri and I have one thing in common. I like me and she likes me." And on a less flippant note, "Gauri's a part of me. Or rather, I am her appendage. I would say that our relationship is spiritual. It's more than a physical love story..."

His Debut

Shah Rukh made waves from the time he first appeared on TV, as one of the 'chappies' from 'Fauji'.., Then came 'Circus' and 'Dil Dariya' and Shah Rukh was on a roll. Within days of landing in Mumbai, Shah Rukh had signed three huge films. Hema Malini's Dil Ashna  Hai, Rakesh Roshan's King Uncle and G.P Sippy's Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. A first ever for a so-called struggler. Reminiscing about those days, Shah Rukh often maintains that directors now tell him that when they saw him on TV in 'Fauji' and 'Circus', they knew he would be a star. That they would wait for him for 10 years but would work only with him. But  Shah Rukh reveals that in his initial days of "struggle', these were the same directors who rejected him.

His Fan's

Shah Rukh's greatest fans are children. If the adults wrote off Duplicate, the children loved it. If the adults said Shah Rukh's acting went over the top, the children voted whole heartedly for it...Shah Rukh himself maintains that he learns most of his acting from children and that is why, perhaps they are his most ardent fans. "Kids are the purest of the human species, they are the closest to God."

Shahrukh as Actor

The consummate actor. Shah Rukh has tread paths no other actor would have tackled. He did films that shocked people but still kept the cash registers ringing. The bad guy of Darr (the audience actually clapped for him when he stabbed Sunny), the mute labourer of Koyla, the second lead of Pardes, the old man in English Babu Desi Mem....His fans have loved and accepted him, no matter what he does.

His Co-Stars

Khan speak on his three favorite heroines Madhuri, Juhi, Kajol.

"The best thing about Madhuri is her professionalism. She always helps me out with the dances. I know she will take care of me.'

'Juhi gave me my first real break as a hero. She taught me restraint.... Juhi once psycho-analyzed me and said, 'You act tough and arrogant only because you don' want to get hurt. Otherwise, you are a sweet guy underneath that tough exterior'."

Kajol: "Kajol was shouting at me from day one. I loved that. If I had a younger sister, she would be someone like Kajol."

Shahrukh as Producer

Shah Rukh Khan turns producer with Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. Nine years of "hard work, madness, stress, chaos, problems, disagreements and untoward incidents...these were the most beautiful parts of my life. I couldn't have asked for more. Now, with Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, my dreams have come true. After Phir Bhi... we will have a production office to call our own."